Advertising Your Writing

furry friendsFor the next 40 days or so I plan to list 30 places to advertise e books for free. By helping you, I’ll be helping myself to stay motivated to advertise my own e book. The list is no particular order, but they will all be used and tested.

Number 1.

They have a form you use to submit your book. Your book must be free. The owner of the site responds within a week and adds a link to your book.

Free children’s ebook

A group of young children getting ready for an adventure.
Book cover


I’ve had a few requests to extend my coupon for my book. The Treasure Hunt. Here is the coupon code: ND98Q.

You can find this ebook at I like the fact that I can make a coupon for any of my books and have it ready instantly at Smashwords. If you don’t want to make it free like mine, you can put any discount you like and distribute it as you see fit.