The Treasure Hunt

Group of children
The children from the story The Treasure Hunt


Chapter 1

The summer days of August were dragging on for the kids who lived in the Golden Tree neighborhood. That was about to change. Brad and his brother Bob received a letter from their Uncle Billy in California. With the letter was a piece of a map. The letter said if they follow the clues carefully that they would find the treasure that he left behind before he moved to California.

Bob was ready to start their new adventure immediately. Brad who was twelve and two years older than Bob was a little suspicious of the whole thing.

“Why would Uncle Billy leave a treasure behind?”

“Maybe it’s too heavy or maybe it is gold bricks or huge diamonds,” said Bob.

“I doubt that. Uncle Billy is just a school teacher; where would he get something like that?”

“Yeah, but Uncle Billy is a really cool teacher. Uncle Billy roller blades, skateboards and scuba dives. Maybe he found the treasure when he was scuba diving.”

Bob took the piece of the map and examined it carefully. It had a clue written on it in large bold capital letters. It looked like the adventure began right outside their front door. On the map was a picture of a tree just like the one in front of their house. Under it was written a riddle. It said BY THIS TREE THE BIRDS DO FLY EXCEPT WHEN THEY STOP INSIDE. Underneath the riddle written in red was the letter I with a circle around it.

“OK Brad you can sit at home and play video games all day. I’m going to find that treasure and I know some kids who will help me.”

Bob headed out the door to Angelina and Amy’s house on the next block. Bob was in the same class as Angelina. He knew she was always getting A’s in geography and would be the best one to help him. Her sister Amy was only seven, but maybe they could use her to help dig up the treasure, since she would want to tag along anyway. When Bob knocked on the door the two sisters were getting tired of playing with their fashion dolls. As a matter of fact the dolls weren’t even speaking to each other. Angelina was up in her room and Amy went to the backyard wearing her pink bunny slippers, while playing on their swing set.

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