Writing prompts

Little girl with wild hair
Sometimes you feel like pulling your hair out to find that next creative sentence.

Have you ever sat there staring at your monitor wondering where your writing project is going next? Should your main character just jump off a cliff and end it all.

I find stepping away from the project and writing something else helps. Here are a few places where you can get free writing prompts.





Have you ever been at lost for a character’s  name?

or maybe a pen name for yourself?.  I found a website

where you can pick the nationality, size of the family

and then pick first, middle and last names and even

suggest what career they might have.

There have been times when I have created a family

and then used them as writing prompt for a story.

Try it for yourself at http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/the-sims.php

Memoir contest

Everyone has a memoir in them, but can you do it in six words?  www.smithmag.net/sixwords has a contest for entering a six word memoir about a special time in your life. They also have weekly caption contests. The winner gets a fifty dollar gift card from Shutterfly. The latest contest ends March 15th. My six words to you. “Take the plunge and enter now.”

Attention writers

Here is a contest that I thought would be fun to enter. The deadline is April 15th. Can you write the worst opening line to a novel? If you can then you may be the winner of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest. Just write the worst opening you can think of and go to http://www.bulwer-lytton.com

I think sometimes it’s fun just to get away from trying to come up with that perfect line.