Travel Writing Contest

Summer is on the horizon. Technically it is June 21st, but to me when the pools open and the kids are let out of school, summer has arrived. I found a contest that I would love to read the entries. It is about vacationing at the place you feel the most free. For me it is Ocean City, Maryland. Do you have a place you would like to share?

Here is some information about the contest: invites you to enter its Travel Writing Contest with $1,000usd in CASH prizes and no fee for entry. The theme for the Summer 2013 contest is “Independence: A Place You Feel Free.” We hope your article will inspire others to travel more and find freedom!  Enter from May 11, 2013 to July 4, 2013.


Good luck everyone.Picture 1 folder 059

Memoir contest

Everyone has a memoir in them, but can you do it in six words? has a contest for entering a six word memoir about a special time in your life. They also have weekly caption contests. The winner gets a fifty dollar gift card from Shutterfly. The latest contest ends March 15th. My six words to you. “Take the plunge and enter now.”

Attention writers

Here is a contest that I thought would be fun to enter. The deadline is April 15th. Can you write the worst opening line to a novel? If you can then you may be the winner of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest. Just write the worst opening you can think of and go to

I think sometimes it’s fun just to get away from trying to come up with that perfect line.